Saturday, 20 June 2009

Do mermaids exist?

"A Mermaid" by John Miller Waterhouse.

When I was about six, seven or eight years old my family and I went to Greece on a holiday. On our way there the movie Splash played in the airplane. Back then everyone didn’t have their own little screen and option of 100 movies to choose from – everyone had to watch the same movie that was projected onto a screen at the front of the cabin. The movie we saw, both when flying to Greece and when returning to South Africa was Splash. Also, while in Greece practically all the tourist sites sold mermaid souvenirs, alongside little models of the Acropolis and pendants of talismanic blue eyes. So began a fascination with mermaids. The visit to Greece merely enforced what seemed to be an inherent enthrallment with mythological creatures and chimeras have always been of special interest.

But do they exist? These beautiful aquatic femme fatale that beguile sailors to their death? Are they marine apes, as suggested by some theorists, or fish with limbs, or are they real merfolk living under the sea, or the strange fantasy of cultures all over the world? One thing we cannot deny is the latter. Talk of mermaids seem to be universal. I was shocked to read in a recent column that according to some there are mermaids in the Karoo! (The Karoo is a desert-region in Southern Africa).

Do they exist? I would like to think so. The world would be such a more interesting place if they do.

Some Links:
  • Mermaids are Real! is an interesting blog obsessed with mermaids, however I think the blogger has a femdom fetish.
  • Mermaids on the Web is a nice portal site that gives a good overview of everything mermaid with links to various related sites.


Christine said...

Mermaids are beautiful. "Splash" was funny. I like John Candy as Tom Hanks' weirdo brother. Did you get to see a lot of the country, including the islands? I think Greece would be a great place to visit because of the art, architecture, and history.
I see in the above Twitter update that your uncle passed away. I am sorry. I also hope that things will be fine with your aunt's health. *hugs*

Sanko said...

Yes I got to see a lot of Greece, but I was quite young and would like to go there again, now that I can appreciate it more. We didn't visit too many islands, but we did spend some time on Crete.

Thanks for the well wishes.