Friday, 31 December 2010

Another Year in Retrospect

This is the third end-of-the-year since I started this blog. I took inventory of the previous years both in 2008 and in 2009, and it seems like a good habit to keep up. So here is a summary of my life during 2010.


I started 2010 in Hong Kong where I stopped over for a couple of days on my way to South Africa. I experienced many different cultural highlights like doing Tai Chi on the harbour, attending a Cantonese opera appreciation class, experiencing the magnificent Symphony of Light show, attending a kung fu exhibit, and so on. One of the great highlights is the mango desert with coconut noodles. Undoubtedly the best desert I have had in my whole life and by itself worth visiting Hong Kong again.

In South Africa I spent some blessed time with many loved ones in the Vaal Triangle, North West Province, Gauteng Province, Limpopo Province


Still in South Africa I travelled from the Limpopo Province to the Western Cape, there to spent some time with my youngest brother, where I was also a guest in an episode of the television discussion program Consider This, produced by my brother. Exploring Cape Town a little bit as a "tourist" was also fun. There was also the exquisite Cinderella on Ice performance that I thoroughly enjoyed.

From the Cape I went to my "home" -- KwaZulu Natal Province, to visit Joa and other friends, spending time in Durban, Pinetown, and Mtunzini.

My last two weeks in South Africa was spent mostly in the Vaal Triangle and Potchefstroom areas -- particularly in Potchefstroom at my Alma Mater, spending time with my Taekwon-Do gym, my academic department, and friends. An old professor of mine complimented me; a compliment that touched the very centre of my being.

I returned to Korea to find my apartment full of evil rice weevils.


It snowed the most beautiful white landscapes I've ever witnessed. My first "white birthday," which I celebrated a week later with some friends, serving them bunny chows.

I took some of my students from my Literature & Visual Arts: Shakespeare Films class to "A Night of Shakespeare" performance.

I started up Pyp-Online.

I was interviewed by Master George Vitale and Mr Laun Van Le for the documentary film about Taekwon-Do, Our Moral Armor.


Attended Jamie Cullum's fantastic concert in Seoul.

Contemplated Hamlet. What an excellent play.

Saw a vampire slayer.


Went to David Choi's concert.

Was shocked at the death of Kakashi.

Saw Matthew Bourne's Swan Lake.

Discovered two new places in Korea. The beautiful Yeongsuri outside of Seoul, and the artsy Garosu-gil, in Seoul. 


Made the difficult decision to stop attending the Hapkido dojang and instead study Hapkido by myself and with the aid of Hapkido instructors outside of the formal dojang and started the arduous journey of finding my own "do" /도.

Attended Mika's concert in Seoul, followed up by the Korea vs Greece FIFA World Cup match, showed on the big screen. It was an excellent and highly memorable night out.

Started the Seoul Martial Art Circle.

Went to Cheongju(?) to visit a friend and took a ferry trip on the biggest lake in Korea.


Nothing much happened. Read some books, watched some movies, thought some thoughts.


Went to Thailand. What a wonderful experience. I definitely want to go back there as soon as possible. The food is great. The people are nice. The weather is tropical, just as I like it.

In Korea I travelled to Gyeongju Province. Went to the sea, Pohang and also went to see martial art sculptures from the Sylla Dynasty that I've always wanted to see in Gyeongju.

Attended a FC Seoul Soccer Game.

Went to Ocean World with the Taekwon-Do club gang. 


Took a First Aid course and a CPR ccourse.

Got a scuba diving open water license. Went to Jeju Island where I did sea dives. On Jeju-Do I also got lost in a maze.


Saw the best fireworks show ever.

Competed in a grappling tournament.

Hosted a Hapkido workshop.

Hosted a parkour workshop.

Went to a karaoke with friends to celebrate a friend's birthday.

Went zip-lining.

Attended a Back to the Future trilogy movie marathon session. Some of the best fun I've had in a long time.


Acted as father-of-the bride at a wedding, and also did a flower arrangement for the bride's table.

Hosted a parkour session.

Went to see Jump! for the fourth time.  That is now once for every year I've been in Korea.


Worked mostly, but had the opportunity to catch up with some friends whom I haven't seen in a very long time, like Young and Laura Soh.


Many other things happened. I worked A LOT, but admittedly enjoyed most of it. I love teaching, not to mention that I taught some fabulous classes like Romantic Poetry, Shakespeare Films, and the like. I started with Taekkyeon again. I read many excellent books that helped to mould my construct of the world and watched many films. I even started to feel in love again with someone I haven't seen in a very, very long time. I also started to write regular articles for the martial art website Totally Tae Kwon Do, which in turn inspired me to become very active on my Soo Shim Kwan blog. The mere fact that I've been to two new countries this year makes me feel very blessed. While I think that the world has gone from bad to worse this year, I think it was a mostly good year for me on a personal level.

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