Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Child Sex Offenders in Korea

This is NOT a photo of Korea. [Image Source: GameOPS]

It would seem that Korea has taken a harder approach on child sex offenders, for which I applaud them. The man who raped and then murdered a 13 year old girl was caught today after the police sent out “WANTED” notices to all households in Busan, the biggest port city of Korea.[Read more at The Grand Narrative.]

Unfortunately I cannot help to wonder how different things would have been if the girl was only raped, but not murdered. Take another recent incident of a man that sexually assaulted a 12 year old girl, videotaping it all and posting it on the Internet. This child rapist only got 30 months in prison.

Korea’s laxity as far as child sex offenders go – sexual relations with consenting 13 year olds is okay in  Korea [read more here] – is one of the things that really disturb me about my host country. It especially disquiets me when the foreign community is often made out to be “perverse drug-abusers” by the Korean media when statistics would prove otherwise.

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