Monday, 12 September 2011

Seoul Tube or Jarasam International Jazz Festival?

On Saturday, 1 October 2011, both the second Seoul Tube event will occur as well as the opening ceremony for the Jarasam Jazz Festival. I want to go to both!

The Seoul Tube event is sponsored by YouTube and is a gathering of regular YouTube vloggers in Korea and people that enjoy Korea-related YouTube stuff. I'm a semi-regular watcher of Korea related YouTube videos and follower of YouTube related vloggers, so obviously I'd love to attend this event, particularly the evening gathering where some of the vloggers will perform live. It is sure to be heaps of fun. (Not to mention that Google / YouTube is bound to give away some stuff.)

At the same time, I love jazz music and would really like to go to the 8th Jarasum Jazz Festival. It is an extremely popular festival with attendees numbering in the hundreds of thousands. Last year's festival had over 700 000 visitors. The festival has won numerous awards, including being appointed as the best festival by the Korean Ministry for Culture, Sport and Tourism.

Since it is rather far from where I live, it will take me some time to get to the event, so there is no way that I can go to both. Luckily the jazz festival stretches over three days so I can always go on Sunday. The problem is, however, that because it is so far and the shows are mostly in the evening, it will be very difficult for me to get back. I'll probably have to sleep over there somewhere on Sunday night and then somehow get back Monday morning before my classes start. That is why it would be better to go Saturday night so that I wouldn't have to struggle with all these other hassles. 

I'll most likely have to choose between either Seoul Tube or Jarasum Jazz Festival. But which one should I choose? Seoul Tube will be fun and free and I may even get a T-shirt or something, while the Jarasum Jazz Festival will have world class music with wonderful international musicians. Unfortunately it is not free, and quite far from where I live.


BoerinBallingskap said...

I will choose the Jazz festival! :)

Skryfblok said...

I want to agree with your sentiment, but I'm somewhat fearful of those thousands of people and the statistical problem that will result: difficulty in transportation and lodging.