Monday, 11 February 2013

Government Is Like Fire

Not too long ago I re-posted a tweet by Gerald Celente on another social network site I use for family and familial friends. Nearly immediately people asked me about it. I guess mostly because of the tone of the post—I practically never voice negative comments, trying instead to share my life in a positive manner.

This is what Gerald Celente tweeted:

@geraldcelente How disheartening & disgusting. Otherwise functional adults still believe in phony political religions & worship their 2-bit political gods. 

There is no particular reason why I reposted this other than that I agree with Mr Celente. I find it very sad that people still actually have faith that their politicians are going to save them. How long will it take for people to realize that there are nothing special about politicians? They are very flawed and selfish, just like the rest of us. We need not, in fact we should not, look up to them. Anyone with the ambition to become a politician is not to be trusted. Their ambition is often a reflection of their megalomania. People who want to rule over other people are the worst kind of people to have as rulers.

By extension, just as we cannot trust politicians, we cannot trust governments, for governments are merely institutionalized politicians. I'm not saying that we ought not have governments. Unfortunately governments are a necessary evil. However, I am adamant that we ought not trust governments, especially not those types of government who has this silly notion that they are there to “govern”. The only government that is remotely trustworthy—and I say this with a bad taste in my mouth—is the one that knows its place, which is to serve the people, not govern the people. That is why we call people working in government public servants. Any other type of government should be feared and put in its place.

Government is like fire. It is very useful as long as it is strictly confined to its place of purpose: the fireplace, the stove-top, the lantern. In all these cases it has a particular function and is specifically controlled. The moment the fire moves outside of purposefully limiting borders it must to be quenched with absolute determination and resolution, otherwise it will become all-consuming and destructive. And even while it is functioning within its assigned borders it must at all times be considered as dangerous and watched closely. And it seems, I'm not the first person to thinks so. While searching online for an appropriate picture to include with this post I found to my surprise that George Washington made the exact same analogy:

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