Friday, 22 October 2010

Giraffe Sex

"Giraffe Love" T-Shirt designed by Hank Green.

I've mentioned before that my post on Kakashi Hatake gets the most views on this blog and can only speculate that my recent post on the same manga character will probably be popular too. It is not that these post are anything special in and of themselves -- it is merely that the character Kakashi is so beloved and has such a vast fan base that anything related to Kakashi gets viewed a lot.

I thought long ago that a post with the keywords "Korea" and "Sex" would get much traffic, but this post is not nearly as popular as the Kakashi post. Another popular post, and one actually related to Korea and somewhat to sex -- or at least genitals -- is the one I wrote about the genetic differences between Caucasians and Asians (Koreans). Since I wrote it in July it has had over 2000 visitors to date, with about 20 visits a day. 

The giraffes in the above photo are South African -- read more. By the way, I'm South African too, but I'm not a giraffe -- just so you know that this is not a self-portrait. According to John Green from the Vlog Brothers (Nerd Fighers) their three most viewed YouTube videos are all somehow related to giraffe sex.

Seeing what makes people end up on this extremely eclectic blog of mine intrigues me. I think there is a part of my graphic design and marketing (some of the stuff I studied) past-life that is still interested in how online marketing functions and how people end up on different websites.

Sex sells, we know that, but it is interesting that the blog post on Korea sex is less viewed than a fairly irrelevant personal account of a fictional animation character like Kakashi. My favourite giraffe video does not involve sex. Instead, it involves grief, which is a little like sex. In the video below are the five stages of grief (the word "grief" looks a little like the word "giraffe", doesn't it?) as acted out by a giraffe.

Now if you want to drive someone crazy, you could play them this giraffe song. I'm sure the average sane person will go nutters after listening to it repeated 10 times. I sure would. How many times can you listen to this song without going bonkers?

Now why did I write a post on giraffe sex again?

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