Friday, 3 January 2014

Our Hearts Speak to Each Other

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This is probably the most fascinating research I have read in a while, and utterly poetic. Studies show that our hearts can actually communicate bioelectromagnetic signals which is then sensed by the nervous system of another person, causing a heart-to-heart synchronicity where two people's heart start to match each other's rhythms. This works better during skin contact, but can also occur without any physical contact. In other words, explained more poetically, our hearts can speak to each other.

Read the whole article on PDF here: The Enegetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Interactions Within and Between People

The paper concludes with:

Acting as a synchronizing force within the body, a key carrier of emotional information, and an apparent mediator of a type of subtle electromagnetic communication between people, the cardiac bioelectromagnetic field may have much to teach us about the inner dynamics of health and disease as well as our interactions with others.

This publication is actually quite old, having been published in 2003. More recent information on the topic can be read at the Institute of HeartMath.

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