Monday, 27 May 2013

Theme Songs

Below is "Don't Do Sadness" from the Spring Awakening musical -- my favourite.

I don't know if you are anything like me, in that you have "theme songs" that typify certain periods of your life, certain sections of a year, certain mental and / or emotional states. I do. Certain songs become stuck with me and I will listen to them over and over again as they somehow capture my emotional gestalt at a given moment.

At the moment, I feel that "Don't Do Sadness" (what an awesome song!) is lining itself up as my next theme song. My subconscious is predicting sadness (I might talk about it in a future post), and so it is gearing me up to get into the right frame of mind, one that do not do sadness.


Joa said...

What a great song

Skryfblok said...


Indeed an awesome song. It is really an excellent musical and I love the whole score.