Thursday, 2 May 2013

All things come to those who wait, or nag long enough

Since I started working at my current job I have been complaining about the slowness of my computer. Even though they gave me a new computer at the time (2008), it has been terribly slow. I've complained numerous times, only to hear that my computer is too new to be replaced. From the very started my solution had been to go work at home whenever I needed to really work on a functioning computer. While my home computer is not glitch-free, at least it is fast.

Last year I again complained to the IT-office about my slow computer and again they told me the same thing, the computer is not old enough to be replaced, but what they will do instead is install Windows 7. Imagine this, having an already slow computer and then adding a new operating system to it, designed for newer hardware. Since I thought that maybe the problem was with all the old network settings or whatever they customarily install and tweak for university computers I decided that maybe giving it a good format and re-installing everything afresh might just do the trick. But no, the problem is simply that the computer does not have enough RAM.

Finally this week I was so frustrated that I felt like punching something. I begged the the IT-office, telling them that I am willing to buy memory myself and install it, but I can't continue like this any longer. Surprise-surprise, this morning they came and replaced the 1GB RAM with a 2GB RAM.

Similarly my desk chair has been in a terrible state for months. I have complained about it in November last year already, sending them detailed photographs of the problem. Six months later, and after some more complaining, at last they replaced my chair a few days ago.

The boiler in my apartment has been giving me some problems too. I complained before and they sent out a technician but it didn't help much. Months later and after some more complaining another technician came today. At least this one seem to have found the cause of my boiler erratic behaviour which often causes my lovely, hot and relaxing shower to suddenly turn into a frightening encounter with the icy claws of death. The technician was supposed to return later today to replace some new parts, but he didn't show. So I guess I will have to resume my complaining tomorrow again.

There are more things in need of complaint, but I will do them one at a time. At least some of the things on my checklist are being addressed. Now, if I can only get my department to change those dreadful meetings at 8:30 on Wednesday morning life would indeed be taking a wonderful turn for the better.  

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