Monday, 18 March 2013

Watching Plays and Making Wild Guesses

Recently I went to two Korean plays. The first was one directed by a friend of mine. She always invites me to her plays. She often writes the plays herself and directs them, and tend to focus on some social issue. Her latest play literally translates as “Toilet Bowl” about a Korean man who finds a strange sense of peace of mind in the solitude of a particular public toilet cubicle, where there is no mobile phone reception and his wife and boss cannot get hold of him.

The other play I saw was a Korean adaptation of the novel “Lord of the Flies”. My director friend received complimentary tickets and invited me to go with her. I was impressed with the staging of the play. They used curtains particularly well to signify various natural scenarios such as the sea, a mountain cliff, a burning forest, and so on. While I thought this aspect of the play was well done, in other ways it was a little reminiscent of a school play. It could just be the youthful cast, however.

Having lived in Korea for so long I would have hoped that my Korean was better by now—it is, upper beginner, or lower intermediate level. While my Korean has not improved much, my ability to infer meaning has improved tremendously. I have become very adapt at guessing meaning.

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