Sunday, 11 November 2012

"Murmures des murs" and "Opening Night"

I few weeks ago I went to see Aurélia Thierrée's production "Murmures des murs". It was fantastic. And magical. Aurélia Thierrée, following in the foot steps of her mother, takes you on an enchanted journey of theatre illusion, slight of hand, costumes, smoke and mirrors, and fine story telling. Do watch something by Thierrée if ever you have the chance, you will not be disappointed. 

Then just over a week ago I went to see "Opening Night" by the Amsterdam Toneelgroep (Theatre Company). If I take into account the script, staging, acting, lighting, visual media and what not, this was probably the best theatre production I have ever seen. Just brilliant. I wasn't sure how much I'd understand, seeing as it was all in Dutch, but it just took me a while to get accustomed to listening to Dutch and towards the middle of the play I guess that I understood 90%+ of the dialogue. The story really touched me as well, as I'm slowly becoming aware of my ageing and mortality. A wonderful script, and a production I highly recommend. 

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