Friday, 23 November 2012

A boring assignment

A grammar exercise for my students requiring them to use their "own ideas to complete these short dialogues." As I was bored in class, I decided to answer them myself.


A: When we go out later, let's get a taxi.
B: Or . . . we could always hijack a car instead.


A: What an amazing little car - I thought you like big cars?
B: I do, but they use a lot of fuel. However, . . . this one has a built in missile launcher.


A: We're nearly home -- I'm starving.
B: Me too. As soon as we get there, . . . let's slaughter a cow.


A: Here are the last two suitcases.
B: I'm afraid the boot's already full. So . . . let's blow these up instead!


Passenger: This area is very remote, isn't it? When did regular flights start?
Tour Guide: Not until the 1990s. Previously . . . people just came here by astral travelling.


A: Can you drive for a while?
B: Do you mind if I don't? I'm exhausted. Besides, . . . you know that I had crashed the two other flying saucers already.


A: It was a shame we were too late for the film wasn't it?
B: Yes. All the same,  . . . it is not as if any of the Twilight cast can act, so I doubt we missed much. In fact, it may even be a blessing in disguise!


A: I don't want a meal out. I'm not hungry.
B: Well, . . . how about we go to Vegas, dress up like Elvis and Marilyn and get hitched . . . instead?


A: It was strange that she didn't invite us, don't you think?
B: Yes. After all, . . . when our spouses turned into zombies and we blew their infected brains out, we invited her for the party, didn't we?


BoerinBallingskap said...

Het nou sommer baie lekker gelag hiervoor! :) Ek dink verveling kan soms so kreatief wees!

Skryfblok said...


En soms is dit 'n oorlewingstegniek om deur 'n grammatika klas op 'n Vrydag te kom!