Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Charlie Sheen's 'Winning' Streek

If you don't know about Charlie Sheen's recent “winning” streak, it means one of three things. (1) You don't follow Hollywood gossip. (2) You don't follow alternative news media. (3) You don't have proper access to the Internet or do not have a good news / media aggregator. The first option applies to me. I don't really follow the latest entertainment talk. However, I do follow the alternative news media and I do have some good aggregators.

So what was Charlie Sheen's rant about that got all of the entertainment industry so excited and convinced every one that he is having some kind of meltdown? Basically, Sheen is p#$@d off because there are some serious issues in the world, yet the mass media has its focus on him. He is an extremely successful actor, undeniably, and he is finally at a stage in his life where he is okay with admitting it to himself; not insecure about himself, nor hiding behind some false modesty.

What the media still fails to focus on is that Sheen's crazy interview had a specific purpose – it was an interview with Alex Jones, the Infowars radio host. Sheen approached Jones about a year or two back to join in a project: “20 Questions to the President.” The questions relate problems with the official 9/11 Report.

Charlie Sheen's interesting recent interview with Jones was against this backdrop of secret organizations, government cover-ups and the powers-that-be trying to control the common people. Against their assumption of control, Sheen declared that we are in a war against them, an information war, and that we will win, in fact, we are “winning!” Who exactly "we" are, is a little more difficult to define. Sheen doesn't pull punches and starts his interview by calling the U. S. president a "coward in a cheap suit" because he refuses to answer the troubling questions about 9/11.

His rant, of course, was quickly lampooned and have become something of a mass media phenomenon. The mass media, of course, is trying to skew it as the rhetoric of a madman – and true, out of context, Sheen's interview doesn't make sense. However, if you have followed Sheen's involvement with exposing the questions regarding 9/11, you see this incident as part of a bigger picture. He is sending a very strong message to the powers-that-be. Hashed and edited, Sheen's interview does make for interesting reinterpretations, like the Call of Duty: Black Ops gameplay below with a voice-over of Sheen.

In a follow-up interview on Good Morning America Sheen discussed his current "winning" mind-set, spoke candidly about his history of drug-use, declared that he is not using any drugs at present, and explained that that part of his life is past; the future, it seems, is a more radical, albeit drug-free, one. Of course, it wasn't long before even this interview got its own lampooning, in the form of a song by Songify This:

As a poetry teacher, as a philsopher, as a quasi pop-culture analyst, I'm ecstatic with the random poetry, philosophy, memes he spews out. You can read some of his Sheenisms here (click on his head) or listen to some here (click on his brain).

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