Friday, 28 January 2011

Some Friends in Joburg

In Johannesburg I got to visit with at least three friends; unfortunately I missed out on some others because we couldn't synchronise our schedules.

I stayed over at Ronel's. What I enjoy about our friendship is the level of 'telepathy' -- for lack of a more explicable description -- we enjoy. Since the very first time we met, we just immediately clicked at a very emphatic level. For instance, the other morning Ronel finished my sentence when I wanted to go to the Apartheid Museum. We didn't speak about anything related to the Apartheid Museum, so for her to correctly guess that I wanted to go there, of all places in Johannesburg, is quite unusual. Of course one could call it coincidance and I would have been the first to suppose it to be nothing more than coincidence, was it not that this sort of thing happens a lot with us. For instance, when she phoned me some years back to tell me that she was getting married, I told her that exactly the moment she said hello -- even though I had no idea that she was in a serious relationship.

I also got to see my old school friend Yvonne. There is something about our relationship that makes us take inventory of our lives. Since the two of us left high school we have met up once a year, maybe missing out only on one or two occassions. Because we know each other for such a long time, and since we only get to see each other for a few hours once a year, we have learned to make the most of those hours. Within the limited time available to us, we review hour past, distill the main points of our presents and give a synopsis of our future ambitions. For me a visit with Yvonne is very much a way to review my life and reassertain my future goals.

Werner and I lived in a commune together while we were university students. All of us that stayed in that house together became very close -- family. This was the first time for me to officially meet Werner's partner.

I was hoping to see many more friends that stay in the Johannesburg area but had I stayed there any longer, I would not be able to get everywhere I need to get to during my stay in South Africa.

Currently, I'm in Tzaneen for a few days. From here I may visit Polokwane, then go to Bela Bela for a Taekwon-Do meeting, after which I hope to stop in Pretoria, before dashing off to KwaZulu Natal.
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