Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Some things I did in March 2015

After I came back from South Africa, I went to the Studio Ghibli exhibit that was in Seoul.

The end of February and start of March began with farewells to friends whose tenure in Korea came to an end. 

Of course, returning to Taekwon-Do training.

Going to a friend's birthday party...

and visiting the strange university with its own unique Korean religion.

On my own birthday I went to a Bobby McFerrin concert.

And got this cute little figurine as a gift from a close friend.

Since my birthday fell on an inconvenient day of the week for a celebration I decided to have a party on my lunar birthday instead, which conveniently fell on a Sunday. Some birthday party pics:

I had a nice time doing some Taekwon-Do research with two great Taekwon-Do academics.

More Taekwon-Do training.

And I went to the Ahn Joong-Geun museum and was party of a small group of people that rediscovered the dining room in which "Taekwon-Do" was founded in the Chosun Hotel in 1955.

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