Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Kicking, Eating, Meeting Friends

2013 kicked off (the pun is quite intended) with some martial arts training. On New Year's Eve I went to the Taekwon-Do gym to do some training. Afterwards I went to a jazz restaurant in Apgujeong, Gangnam with two friends where we had a rather expensive meal. Not ridiculously expensive considering the quality, but definitely not the type of place I will frequent. Having finished our meal and having my craving for live jazz music somewhat satiated, we moved to a coffee shop for hot chocolate. Such an intimate, quality type of heralding in the new year may be too boring for some people who considers the only way to start the new year is by drinking themselves until comatose -- not my idea of a good time. For me, sharing great food, great music, and great company while actually having intelligent conversation was a wonderful way to celebrate the year past.

New Year's Day started with me sleeping in then meeting "family" for lunch. In the afternoon I met some friends for martial arts training again. We worked on some advanced level break falling techniques and later self-defence reflexive drills. It was wonderful to train with two high ranking individuals with years of experience. After training we went for dinner and drinks. Again, an awesome way to spend the first day of the year: nice training, good food, great company. I hope that today was a reflection of how most of 2013 will be for me. That would be awesome!

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