Thursday, 5 April 2012

I Love Getting Packages in the Mail

Recently I spoke with a friend about The Five Love Languages. The basic premise of the book is that people feel love differently. Some feel love through affection, others through gifts, others through words of affirmation, others through acts of service, and others through shared quality time.

My love language is not gifts. I appreciate them when I get them, but I do not feel any less loved if I don't receive a gift. I do, however, get quite excited when I receive a package in the mail. There is something childlike-and-wonderful about receiving mail -- no, not email (although I appreciate personal email too), but actual mail.

Just now a package came for me. I had a very good idea of its contents, yet I couldn't keep myself from getting excited at the mere thought of it. It happened to be books that I had ordered through Amazon a few weeks back. Now, of course, new books are reason enough to get me all fluttery with excitement.

My three new books are all on martial arts (philosophy):

I cannot wait to start reading them . . . although I'm currently busy rereading another excellent martial art book so the suspense will have to continue a little longer. Aahh!!!

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