Saturday, 9 November 2013

Peeping Tom and Kim Seonjil

Last week I went to see "32 Rue, Vanderbranden", a production by the Brussel-based theater dance troup Peeping Tom. It was one of the highly anticipated shows on my calender and it did not disappoint. The dancers are magnificent and the stage production is fantastic. The production is about a small community living in some isolated, very cold place. Imagine a trailer park at the North Pole. The acting shifts back and forth between reality and the characters' subconscious until the audience is left in a surreal dreamworld where no one is certain what is real anymore.

The Korean dancer on the troup is my favourite, and I am of the opinion that Kim Seonjil is a kinetic genius. Do check out some of his videos on his YouTube channel.

The video below is of him "playing", as he likes to call his improvisations.

I subscribed to his YouTube channel because as a martial artist and someone who have an appreciation of the human body in motion, I have great admiration for his bodily mastery. I can comfortably call him a "master" in the martial arts sense, for he has truly mastered his medium, his body. One can easily see why Kim Seonjil won the Grand Prix at Korea's annual National Dance Competition in 2003.

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