Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Where Is My Mind?

"Where Is my Mind?" by the Pixies is one of those cult songs that somehow captures an archetypal feeling and the spirit of a whole generation. Think of other such songs like Nirvana's "It Smells Like Teen Spirit". Recently I have been in the mood for "Where Is my Mind?" again. Maybe it is a question I have been asking myself, as my mind has not been here. I find my mind wondering a lot, I find my mind wafting to exotic locations, to Laos, or Hong Kong, or Egypt. Especially Egypt. In any case, here is an acoustic rendition of "Where Is my Mind?" by the Pixies.

The version of the song that I'm currently listening to a lot is the one that is on the Sucker Punch (2011) soundtrack, featuring Yoav and Emily Browning.

Of course, the cover by Placebo is also one I particularly enjoy.

I wasn't familiar with Chinese-British singer Emmy-Lee Moss, aka Emmy the Great, until I searched for videos of the song. She does an interesting fast tempo version.

Another English artist I didn't know of before is Jade Williams, aka Sunday Girl. Her cover of "Where Is my Mind?", accompanied by piano and violin, is exquisitely beautiful..

If I had to choose a female vocal cover, I think I will opt for Storm Large's version. As a long time rock singer that has turned cabaret artist, she has a wonderful way of adding layers of emotion to her voice.

The Portuguese artist David Santos does something magical with his music project (go experience the evocative sounds at his Noiserv-project website). There is something enchanting about his cover of the Pixies' song.

A version that I thought a fun interpretation is by the indie-folk-bluegrass band Trampled by Turtles.

There are some beautiful instrumental pieces to be heard online too. A favourite is Maxene Cyrin's heart wrenchingly beautiful piano rendition.


BoerinBallingskap said...

Die mens se kreatiwiteit bly limietloos. Dat soveel verskillende en unieke weergawes van een lied geskep kan word. Ek wou hier noem wattter een ek verkies, maar toe kom ek agter dat elkeen in sy andersheid en eendersheid 'n plekkie verdien.

Skryfblok said...

"elkeen in sy andersheid en eendersheid 'n plekkie verdien" -- inderdaad!