Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Things to do before I fly

Just finished grading my last set of papers and sent of the grades to the department's admin assistant. Now I need to start packing for my nearly four week long trip: Laos, (southern) China and Thailand. Got so much to do, and haven't had time to just sit down and make a list of what I need. Sunblock, socks, small tube of toothpaste and toothbrush, a hat, camera, writing pad, drawing pad, Taekwon-do uniform, books, small umbrella, plastic bags to keep things dry, snorkel, smart phone charger . . .

But before I can do all that I need to clean my apartment -- or at least find the source of that funny smell!

I hope to post relatively regular updates to the blog or to my Twitter account while on holiday -- or at least as regular as the places I will be visiting will allow. I'm not to sure how "free" my Internet access will be Laos and China.

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Retha said...

Have fun!

Christine said...

Have fun. I have been wanting to visit Laos. Will you go to the wats? I had a friend in high school from Laos.
I almost visited China last year, but my alien card vanished down a black hole and I couldn't get a visa in time. Oh well.
Have a good time and post lots of pictures.