Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate LOL!

Whohahahahaha! Whahahaha! LOL!!! Tears are rolling down my face, this is so freakin' funny! Whahahaha!

Source: White House -- Download Link
Okay, so I have a Degree in Graphic Design, which make it easy to see the obvious, glaring, issues with this document, which is clearly a fake. But come on! You don't need a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design to see this.

Apart from the obvious issue of the green background grain not matching up, here are some other things to look at.
  • Notice the State Registrar's Stamp at the bottom of the page. There is a spelling error: "ABSTRACT OF TXE RECORD". You wanna tell me that the State Registrar used a stamp with a spelling error in it? If so, then we need to compare this with other certificates from the same time and see if those too have this error on it, which I hard to believe.
  • Is that a smiling face in the first A of the Registrar's signature? Zoom into the signature and look at the A in "Alvin". Yes it could be an ink smudge, but we don't see that type of splattering to this extend elsewhere in the signature.
  • Notice the colour mismatch of the green thatched paper on the outside border and the grey-green mismatched colour where the new layer clearly begins. It looks like they took a photocopy of some sort, selected all the "white" and deleted it leaving the transparent background (except for the grey areas), and then pasted the whole thing onto the green thatched background. 
  • Look at the Department of Health number at the upper right corner: 61 10641. Zoom in so that you can clearly compare that last one with the other numbers. It is strikingly obvious to anybody that has ever worked with computer images that the last number has been added as an image. It is clearly pixelated, when compared to the other numbers and the font is not exactly the same either.
  • Below the Department of Health number look at the date. What's up with that comma (heavily pixelated) behind the 4 (day).
Now, I'm not saying that this certificate proves President Obama is not an American or anything like that. What I am saying is that this document is HIGHLY suspicious. I have to wonder why the White House would provide such a clearly altered document to the public? Surely there are better graphic designers in Washington! With enough time I would have made a better document and I'm not even an actively practising graphic designer anymore.

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