Wednesday, 18 May 2011

My Talk . . . uhm sermon . . . no, talk on Romantic Poetry

This past Sabbath I gave a talk on Romantic Poetry at an international church (i.e. the congregation is English speaking) here in Seoul, Korea. The talk took around 40 minutes, and even though it started late, I didn't see anybody dosing off, which was a good sign. I got some very positive feedback including one lady who came to me afterwards, took my hand and responded with a "Bravo!" The pastor who invited me to give the talk seemed pleased. A couple of people requested the script. One theologian remarked that it was a very "useful" talk.

I can't really take credited for the success as I merely reiterated the arguments of such great scholars as Karen Armstrong (regarding "Mythos") and C. S. Lewis (regarding "Numinous"), both of whom I quoted in my talk. Also, since this was a talk on Romantic Poetry and Christianity, one ought not forget the possible impression of the Holy Spirit, regardless of the speaker's eloquence.

In any case, I've made the script available at my slightly more academic blog. You can read it here: Mythos & Numinous: Two “Profitable” Things for the Christian from Romantic Poetry


morbidneko said...

yes, but one should just accept compliments from the place they are given.

Sê net dankie! ^_^

My phobia of public speaking mangles any speech I attempt to make. So, it would be lovely to just.. be able to captivate an audience.

Skryfblok said...

Lanklaas van jou gehoor Neko!