Friday, 22 April 2011

Wednesday Afternoon: Jump & Insadong

After the visit to Mt. Nam and having lunch there in a restaurant in Seoul Tower, we went to see the theatrical martial art performance Jump. This was my fifth time to see it. An interesting thing I found out in the meantime is that my Taekwon-Do instructor, Master Kim-Hoon, was one of the first instructors for the original Jump-cast.

After the performance some of my colleagues and I went to walk a bit around Insadong. In Insadong street there are a variety of traditional Korean paraphernalia for tourists. The thought that came to me while meandering in Insadong is that there is nothing "new" to me any more. I've lost that fascination a tourist feels when in a new place. It's a pity. There is no more enchantment by the unknown. I nonetheless took some photos here as well, trying to recreate the fascination I felt when I first came to Korea. (The last photo was actually taken at Mt. Nam, not in Insadong.)

Korean brass bells

Buddhist beads

Traditional Korean theatre masks

Old wall, tree and cherry blossoms

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