Friday, 12 November 2010

War in the Air?

I have another blog for my pessimistic rantings about politics and the like, but I felt, for some reason, that this quick post ought to be on Skryfblok instead. Probably because of the G20 Summit that is currently being held in South Korea.

It is not merely a return to the Great Recession as some has claimed, it is the Great Bank Robbery, and the robbing is done by the banks themselves. The trend forecaster Gerald Celente, in a recent tweet, said that as things are going, governments could resort to war. Panic stricken, over protective governments, and power hungry politicians will often resort to an "external threat" to retain their internal power. Is it then surprising that the media is full of talks about "currency wars"? "It's better to dialogue than to fight," said Brazil's president at the G20 Summit in Seoul, Korea recently.

In the meantime Russia has a rushed project to build 5000 more nuclear bomb shelters by 2012. Do the Russians expect a nuclear war? Who's to blame them? Just days before the G20 Summit took place, America tested nuclear missiles. Was this a pre-G20 Summit intimidation strategy? While Iran and North-Korea are being pressured for their supposed nuclear activity, the United States seem to flaunt their nuclear capability. With the Dollar losing its value fast, the only thing the USA still has going for it as a global player is its military strength. And is there any questions still remaining as to the cause of the continuous loss in the Dollar's value? It's simple -- if you keep on printing money without it being backed by some actual valuable resource, like gold, the currency loses value. America is doing pretty much the exact same thing that Zimbabwe did.

The future is not all bleak. Nor all sunny. That's life, I guess.

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