Friday, 5 November 2010

Sweet Child o' Mine

Just one of those all time great metal classics by Guns 'n Roses:

And some covers:

The following nostalgic version is by Taken by Trees, with Victoria Bergman, former lead singer of the Swedish indie-pop band, Concretes:

My favourite cover is probably the one by Sheryl Crow:

Acoustic guitar player Trace Bundy's cover is something truly exquisite.

Adam DeGraff of The Duelling Fiddlers does a mind-blowing violin interpretation.

Following is an advertisement using sitars and in an Indo-Asian style. I wish they had made a complete version of the song. I think the singer is supposed to be Ali Akbar Khan.

New Age pianist Scott Davis does a beautiful piano rendition:

And just to prove that this song is inherently so resilient to corruption, it can even make that precarious transition to electro-dance remixing, here is a Flat Pack version featuring Katty Heath:

Then again, some dance versions ought to be avoided.

And for a little comedy, that cringing scene from the movie Step Brothers:

I'm sad to say that this scene has gone viral.

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