Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Father of the Bride

Sunday I acted as "father of the bride" and walked a beautiful bride down the aisle to her smiling groom. I met her mother a couple of years ago as we worked at the same language school. She adopted me as her son and I've felt quite blessed by her care and friendship. Her children also accepted me into the family, so while I was a little surprised when they asked me if I will walk the bride down the aisle I was not completely shocked. I felt quite honoured to act as her older brother and take my seat next to "our mother."

I doubt that I will ever have children of my own. I therefore do not expect to have a daughter to one day walk down the aisle. For this reason I'm happy to have had the privilege to do so once in my life. It is not something I ever imagined doing.

The wedding was a wonderful mix of Western and Korean traditions, with a touching sermon, great food and beautiful music. It was indeed a lovely celebration of two people coming together and family and friends united in their love. (I can't believe how terribly soppy and sentimental that last sentence sounded! Goodness, I didn't know I had it in me to come up with such floral clichés!)

I didn't take any pictures, but will try to get hold of some from other people and post one or two.


Christine said...

I was surprised you were asked to lead her down the aisle as well. Usually another relative would do that. That was surely an honour.

It was a beautiful wedding.
I was roommates with the bride for six months.

The wedding was a bit different, but that was OK. I am glad the couple decided to do things their own way. I can tell they truly love each other. I do hope they have many happy years together.

Skryfblok said...

In a country that values conformity, I am also glad they decided to do it their own way -- and what a success it was!