Thursday, 25 December 2014

Some things I did in October

This last semester had been unusually stressful. Work, studying and family stuff.

In any case, my vacation has started at last, so let's see if I can remember some of the things I did over the last three months. Here's October...

One day I quickly spent an hour or so at a music festival in the middle of the city, went by a gallery and watched children play and people enjoy the famous Cheongyechen brook that runs through downtown Seoul.

During October I also went to several dance performances, such as Compagnie Linga - "Re-mapping the Body" @ Seoul Arts Center:

I also enjoyed I the Canadian dance compagnie of Virginie Brunelle, and the wonderful Danish Dance Company's "Black Diamond" performance.

Some art at the Gangdong Art Center:

I had to go to the Japanese Embassy (more to follow), so spent an afternoon in Insadong which is close by.

One Sabbath at the international church that I go to sometimes attend I saw this cute scene during congregational prayer:

The gym I train and teach martial arts at moved and my friend got his 4th Dan in WTF Taekwondo:

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