Tuesday, 19 August 2014

A New Way to Tell Direction

Have you ever seen how dogs spin around before they poop? Well it turns out that part of this ritual is to orient themselves North-South. Keep that in mind when you and your dog get lost in the wilderness and you need to figure out which direction to go. Now what I didn't get from this video clip is whether the dogs specifically orient themselves so that their heads point north and their tails point south, or do they sometimes squat in an inverted direction looking south and pointing their tails north? Maybe its better to just keep a compass with you when you go for hikes in the wilderness.

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Christine said...

My dog Jack sometimes turns around about 20 times before he actually "goes". He sometimes even walks from place to place after circling because the spot just isn't "right". He is confusing. He is a good watch dog and a good companion.