Thursday, 8 August 2013

Chocolate Drinks (my three favourite one's in Seoul)

Finding good hot chocolate is surprisingly difficult. A good hot chocolate should not be too weak (as it often the case in South Africa), nor too sweet (as it usually is in Korea). A simple hot chocolate drink can be made from two heaped teaspoons of quality cacao powder and two teaspoons of sugar with milk. The best hot chocolate is made from scratch with real cacao powder, melted dark chocolate mixed with fresh cream and diluted with the right amount of milk or water and sweetened appropriately. Extra flavorings such as orange zest, almond essence or vanilla pod, cinnamon, or chilly can cause orgasmic magic to happen in your mouth if added cautiously.

There is a place in Durban that used to sell an amazing dark chocolate drink, but they stopped importing the ingredients from Italy. Another place in Potchefstroom used to make a drink called Chocolate la Passion, but with the change of management the quality of the drink deteriorated. To date my favorite hot chocolate drink I had was once in a five star hotel in Hong Kong. I have gone back for it a second time.

Since I'm living in South Korea now, I'm always on the lookout for good hot chocolate. Most of the time I'm very disappointed. I have, however found three places that make fantastic hot chocolate.

In Itaewon there is a chocolatier with a strange name like "108", which I presume is the number of the shop. In any case, they sell dark chocolate drinks that will make you think that all is well with life. You get it in a little tea pot and pour about three or four times into your little teacup. I sometimes get a piece the chocolate pie with it. (Directions: Take Exit 3 at Itaewon Station and walk towards Hangangjin. It is close by Rocky Mountain Tavern.)

Half coffee shop, half design studio Alea Playground in Apgujeong makes a really enjoyable hot chocolate topped with a creamy marshmallow. Alea Playground also sells authentic Dutch coffee. A very nice open place to hangout with friends or do some work on your laptop. I like the vibe and love the hot chocolate here. (Google Maps: 강남구 신사동 642-20)

Opposite from Alea Playground is Pas de deux Chocolatier. Not as nice a vibe as Alea Playground, but definitely exquisite quality chocolates and there iced chocolate drink with essence of orange is definitely worth the trip in my books. (Google Maps: 강남구 신사동 644-20)

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