Friday, 1 January 2016

Some things I did in June 2015

In June I graded exam papers...not so nice. The missing capital letters for "hamlet" and "ophelia" in the papers started to cause anxiety. 

On one paper a student left me a message. He said that after returning from military service (which is mandatory for all Korean males) he felt like quitting school, as the classes he took did not inspire him, and he started to give up on his dream of becoming a literature professor. However, after taking my classes this semester it possibly saved him from giving up on his dreams. "Thank you for always making us THINK," he wrote. "We appreciate it."

Sometimes I question my purpose here as a literature lecturer--why am I always trying to get my students to "think" in a society that doesn't value personal opinions and rogue "thinkers". A little message like this one makes it worth it though. Trying to get my students to "think" is indeed my goal.

My little orchid bloomed and smelled wonderful, which was nice.

I also baked a lot: bread, cake, etc. Something I hope to do more off in 2016. 

I applied for a visa to visit China the following month.

I made sure to treat myself with some fabulous meals.

I got a new bookshelf! Yeah! (With "new" I mean, it is new in my home -- it is actually a second-hand bookshelf, but I love it.)

I went on a trip to Donghae and Jangho Village--the latter is supposedly the most beautiful village in Korea. It wasn't that beautiful, but the trip was nice.

I went to dance performances.


My former Taekwon-Do student got married.

I went to a Mark Rothko exhibit in Seoul.

There was a MERS outbreak in Seoul, but it didn't really affect me.

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