Wednesday, 27 November 2013

"Personal Jesus"

Depeche Mode was one of the first bands I listened to as a kid, so I'm very familiar with their "Personal Jesus". Hearing Johnny Cash's version (above) of this Depeche Mode's classic for the first time today shocked me. I accidentally heard it while watching part of a documentary, when suddenly Johnny Cash's velvety voice hummed in the background. I recognized both immediately, Johnny Cash's voice and Depeche Mode's song. My first reactions was that I didn't realize "Personal Jesus" is actually a Johnny Cash song, covered by Depeche Mode. Then when I searched online I saw that it was the other way around. It was indeed a Depeche Mode song covered by the legend, Cash.

Johnny Cash's cover is as of today my favourite rendition of this song. However, there are some other noteworthy covers, like that of the experimental French band, Shaka Ponk:

Sammy Hagar (previously from Van Halen, now part of Chickenfoot) also did a nice rock version, and one cannot forget Marilyn Manson's cover.

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