Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A week in the south of South Korea

I recently went on a week long trip to the south of South Korea. My first stop was Yeosu, where the World Fair was hosted last year. My main focus here was to visit the aquarium -- the second biggest in Korea (but still rather small compared to what I'm used to from South Africa). I went to Yeosu by slow train. It cost merely $13 from Seoul all the way to the south. That was the average rate for the bus fair from one city to the next. From Yeosu I went to Yeongtong to enjoy a maritime festival there, see a live size replica of the Turtle-Battle ship and visit the shrine of Admiral Lee Shunshin (aka Choong-Moo). Then Busan, Korea's second largest metropol and famed beach hang-out. Finally, Ulsan. I came back to Seoul with an overnight bus. I stayed in motels mostly, and jjimjilbangs (overnight saunas) the last two nights. I ate two meals a day, just having a brunch and dinner and some snacks late at night. Generally it was a good trip but just too hot. I stayed indoors for most of the day and only enjoyed the beaches in the late afternoon, early evening. I went swimming only once. Met some people. Ate well. Walked a lot! The pictures below are just some random ones. Some prettier than others. All taken with my mobile phone. 

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