Monday, 22 October 2012

Nobel Peace Prize -- Shameful

I don't usually use this blog for political comment. I have another platform for that. However, I'm just aghast with the direction the Norwegian Nobel Committee is moving in. It is as if they have completely lost their moral compass. How can they offer the peace prize the European Union? This is the same organization that is run by the international bankers who are basically enslaving Europe, where independence and democracy has practically become non-existence. The real democracy we are seeing in the EU are the millions of people rioting in the streets against the crisis created by the banking oligarchs. And when the people protest they are bludgeoned by riot police. Is this the type of peace the Nobel Peace Prize is given to? Apparently the prize was given to the European Union for its commitment to peace in Europe; clearly a very myopic view of peace, for how dare we forget the powerful EU countries that have been involved in wars over the past decades. Is France and England's involvement with the United States in the ungrounded attacks on Afghanistan so quickly forgotten?

Of course, after the previous rediculous nomination of the Peace Prize to someone that has not yet contributed to any actual peace, what can we expect?! If the Nobel Peace Prize stands for anything of value, it ought to revoke President Obama's Nobel award, for not only has he failed to discontinue the wars he promisted to bring to an end, he has actually increased America's wars -- starting one in Lybia and expanding one into Pakistan.

Clearly the Nobel Peace Prize has become nothing but a sham. Maybe this is what it had been all along, I was just too enammered with the idea to see it before. But after the last two laureattes, even the blind can see that the Norwegian Nobel Committee are merely acting as spin doctors for a global elite.

I'm disgusted!

I promise my next post will be on something of little consequence. Like the concerts I attended this past week.


BoerinBallingskap said...

Nee kyk, jy slaan die spyker op die kop. Ek dink regtig die Nobel Komitee het nie meer idees nie. Maar, moet ek byvoeg, anders as die ander Nobelpryse (letterkunde, wetenskap ens.) was die Nobelprys vir Vrede maar nog altyd 'n bietjie van 'n klug.

Skryfblok said...

Ja ek dink jy het dit reg oor die vredesprys. Ek het dit net nie van te vore met sulke duidelikheid besef nie.

Ah, we are so easily fooled! Gelukkig kan 'n mens wakker skrik!