Sunday, 16 September 2012

Biotherm's Live Like a Man Campaign

Because I do not have a television, the amount of commercials I'm bombarded with is less than the average person that has a television and gets his or her daily doze of advertisements. My exposure to TV commercials are limited to the ones I see when I go watch a film at the cinemas and the ones on YouTube that popup every so often, but which I either mute or skip. Because I'm so seldom exposed to commercials I think I have a better sense of which ads work on me -- which ads actually strike a chord in my psyche and really makes me interested in the product.

It is seldom that I feel an advertisement work on me. But every so often there is one. Biotherm's male product range, Biotherm Homme, just launched their new "Live Like a Man"-campaign. In my books it is a winner. I currently have some products that I use on occasion from another cosmetic production line, but I may just experiment with Biotherm Homme products once my current products run out.

Here is the commercial that made me want to switch brands:

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