Thursday, 12 July 2012

"The Shocking Reality of Foreigners in Korea" Spoofs

In May I wrote a post in which I discussed the issue of Korean media's often misrepresentation of the truth. I particularly commented on MBC's "bigoted xenophobic image of foreigners in Korea" in their insert about "The Shocking Reality About Relationships With Foreigners". This footage has been removed from YouTube, hopefully because of the many complaints of its clear racists contents, but probably because MBC claimed it a copyright violation. So unfortunately it is not possible to see the original video on YouTube any more and I couldn't find it hosted anywhere else.

Friends of mine, however, made a spoof of the video, in which they hyperbole the ridiculous nature of the original video and I gladly embed their video below.


I also saw this cartoon spoof on YouTube.

As far as I know MBC is yet to formally apologize for the original video. Apparently they claim that it was put together by a freelance journalist or something and therefore do not need to take responsibility for it's content. Regardless of who put it together, they ought to take responsibility for airing it, but "taking responsibility" is unlikely to happen.

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