Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bop Chapman Died

I've been following Bop Chapman, editor of the International Forecaster for a number of years. While I'm not an avid reader of financial and economic trends, I do like to stay abreast of world movements and therefore seek out critical thinkers like the late Bop Chapman. I'm not a subscriber to the International Forecaster, but I did make it a habit of finding and listening to Bop Chapman interviews.

Chapman had been in the international investment arena for many decades and were tied in with very powerful people that included presidents of countries and business tycoons. What we could "learn from Bop Chapman", as one blogger puts it is that "banks like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs and a handful of other big banks are the tip of the iceberg of an illuminist corporate cabal . . ." Another blogger states: "We have to honor those who endured making huge sacrifices, attempts on their lives, who were ridiculed and ostracized exposing the global elite and their corrupt system." Chapman was one of these . . . having had attempts at his life on more than one occasion.

SBWire summarizes Chapman's basic economic legacy as follows:

Bob Chapman, who was known for his accurate predictions recommended investors move their money to safety. Bob recommended that people allocate a third of savings into precious metals, such as silver and gold non-numismatic bullion coins. He believed that by moving money into hard assets, an investor will be able to save the purchasing power of their dollar. By holding gold and silver this will prevent the loss of assets due to the depreciating fiat currency. Fiat currencies have an inverse relationship with precious metals. As the dollar is devalued, silver and gold prices increase. No currency has ever lasted more then eighty years and all currencies eventually meet their demise.

Chapman's predictions of gold trading, along with some other trend researchers that I follow, had been motivational in me advocating investing in gold as well, and if you did so, you would have made a good profit by now. There may be a downturn in gold, but with QE3 looming, gold is sure to increase in value once more. His and the information provided by others have also been the source of some of my own decision making, for instance causing me to travel some places instead of other places in order to avoid unnecessary conflict and loss of money. If nothing else, he inspired me to live more frugally in these economically and politically unstable times.

I cannot pretend to have had any emotional attachment to Mr. Chapman -- to me he was just a wise oracle that I listened to on radio shows about once a week. I will definitely miss his sensible insights though. And while I did not know him, like anybody that have lost a dear one, I can empathize with his family and wish them well.

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