Friday, 9 March 2012

Catcha Cold

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I've got a cold. A serious one. Usually I'll just ride it out and treat myself with ginger, garlic, lemons, and eucalyptus oil, but with each consecutive day I'm feeling worse, so now I'm going to get drugs. It is the beginning of the semester, I cannot afford to be sick and in any case, who wants to feel terrible on their birthday? (It's my birthday in a couple of days.)

The bit below is a section from an email of a friend:

By the way, there's a bad cold going round, which it sounds like you caught. I went all the way through that thing, except I'm still coughing a bit. Humidifier, is my advice: a good humidifier and lots to drink. If only Koreans would cover their mouths when they cough, not everyone would catch this shit within 48 hours. (I'm sure I got it on the train, where this stupid asshole kept sneezing and coughing all over everyone, not once covering his mouth or even trying to do so. If that's the best they can do with their mystical 4300 years of culture, I'll take a shorter history where people have consideration and manners, thanks...)

Although I am quite interested in Korea's ancient culture,  on this I have to agree with my friend. Basic hygiene can go a long way. Korea's habit of people spitting in the streets (in part encouraged by the buildup of phlegm due to the air pollution) is definitely not health promoting.

I think I mentioned once how great that ridiculous H1N1 flu scare was for Korea. Koreans suddenly started to actually wash their hands more often, particularly after a visit to the loo. The availability of hand sanitizer also increased. The first time I came to Korea it was terribly difficult to get hand sanitizer. Now most pharmacies keep it.

In any case, I feel sick and ever so slightly grumpy.


BoerinBallingskap said...

Hierdie goggas kruip altyd uit so met die seisoensverandering saam. Hoop jy voel gou beter!

Skryfblok said...

Dankie Boer. Ek vermoed dis een van daai wat jy alleenlik oorleef indien jy van kunsbeen af kimchi gevoer is . . . dit of pille. Een opsie is om te "overdose" op kimchi. Ek neem maar eerder my kanse op antibiotika. Kimchi in klein hoeveelhede kan goed afgaan -- maar in die hoeveelhede wat nodig is om myself te verKoreaans sodat ek hierdie gogga kan oorleef, dink ek dit kan noodlottige gevolge hê. ;-)