Saturday, 25 February 2012

"Enjoy the Silence"

I was just about a teenager when "Enjoy the Silence" by Depeche Mode came out. It was one of the most hauntingly beautiful things I've ever heard.

Wikipedia lists nearly 50 covers of the song, many of them I've never heard.

A pretty good rendition the one by Alternative (Christian) Rock band Anberlin:

The version by metal-goth band Lacuna Coil is worth taking note of, but it is not my favourite.

If I were to go for a metal version, I much prefer HIM's.

The song was originally meant to be performed much slower. The slower covers are the ones I prefer most. One of my favourites is Tori Amos' version. Her voice is accompanied by a beautiful minimalistic use of the piano.

Susanna and the Magic Orchestra also does something special in her unique rendition of the song.

Many commentators are of the opinion that Susan Boyle's version is a rip off of Susanna and the Magic Orchestra's version. I can't say that I agree. Susan Boyle brought her own emotional touch to the song.

I like the attempts at making jazz versions of the song, such as the one by Patti Austin and to a lesser degree Janita's version. I like the jazzy cover by Nino Siragusa. (Nino is not famous and only have a few videos on his YouTube channel, but he is fun to watch.) The acid jazz version of Jazzhole isn't bad either. Ramiro Barrios Jazz Trio probably does the most truly jazz rendition in their instrumental version. Going instrumental, guitarist Vernon Reid does something particularly interesting in his electric guitar cover:

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