Sunday, 1 January 2012

Men in Skirts

In ages past men wore skirts, and I must confess that I like them. Was it not for my job at a conservative university, and were I to have been in a more creative career, I would definitely have enjoyed a much more artistic expression in my daily wardrobe, including some wrap-around skirts and kaftans. 

Artist and fashion designer Rick Owens sports interesting skirts and kaftans for his Summer 2012 Men Collection. 

Read more at 1883 Magazine about other designers that are putting men in skirts by Chad Burton, another blogger from Korea. 

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Christine said...

I also like men in skirts. Kilts, lava-lavas, etc. do look good.
I have gone to some contra-dances in New England and there were many men in skirts. Some were kilts, but others were regular skirts. A friend I had in college goes to those dances regularly and owns 3 skirts and always wears one of those to the dances.
In Myanmar/Burma I saw all the men wearing a type of skirt that was a wrap.
It is too bad they don't allow more diversity in professional dress. Yet becoming a professional in a non-artsy profession puts us into "uniforms".
I just got some new ear piercings (got 5 in each ear now) and I have wondered if that would be OK professionally. hmmmmm