Monday, 1 August 2011

WiFi in Bangkok

I really prefer Laos over Bangkok. In Laos almost every restaurant and coffeeshop in the touristy areas provide free Wi-Fi. Here in Thailand it seems you have to pay for Wi-Fi wherever you go. Even in the Starbucks! Basically, all the big shopping centres have Internet shops that seems to have a monopoly of Wi-Fi in the centre, so that restaurants and coffeeshops provide Wi-Fi to their patrons. My opinion: IT SUCKS! As a frequent Internet user, I prefer Luang Prabang (Laos) as a tourist over Bangkok. Yes, Luang Prabang does not have the luxuries of Bangkok, but then again, the basic luxuries such as great food, Internet, hot showers and air conditioners are readily available.
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Christine said...

I often talk to a friend in Bangkok. He has to pay for internet and has to keep going back to the cashier to pay more. If I am going away from my computer soon, I tell him so, so he won't spend more money if he just wants to use the computer to talk to me.
I am surprised that Laos would have free Wi-Fi, and Thailand would make people pay everywhere. Thailand seems a bit more industrialized and modern. Well, maybe that's the problem. They have more money and they keep wanting more of it.

okkun said...

I'm back to 도장, just wondering when you will be back to Seoul. It's still humid, rainy, hot as always.

Have a nice trip and blessed voyage!

Skryfblok said...


My bad experience seems to have been limited to Bangkok mostly. In other parts of Thailand (I went to Koh Samui), Wi-Fi access was much easier to find and often free.

Skryfblok said...


동생, I arrived in Seoul today, but may be visiting a friend in Gyeongju / Pohang over the weekend. Will hopefully see you at the dojang next week!