Sunday, 7 August 2011

Koh Samui

After hanging around in Bangkok for a few days, visiting Jazz bars/lounges I decided to head out to Koh Samui, an island off the east coast of Thailand. Koh Samui is a tourist mecca, that provides the touristy attractions one can expect of Thailand, combined with the layedback enjoyment of a tropical island.

I haven't been doing much. Spend most of my days eating, reading and watching television. Wasting my time watching television might not seem like the thing to do while on holiday on a tropical island, but for me it is quite pleasant. I do not own a television, so just laying back and zoning out to a sci-fi channel is very relaxing to me, and that is the purpose of this second stretch of my holiday: to relax.

I've also gone scuba diving on Friday. I went with a scuba diving charter to another island about two hours from here and enjoyed two nice dives. It has been a year since I did my open water diving certification, so this was actually my first true dive since I got the certification, since the previous sea dives I did was actually part of the certification requirements. I did two dives on Friday, the first was more enjoyable. The second was also fun, but the actual dive sight did not impress me too much.

Today I went for a swim in the ocean. From the beach it looked like there is a sand bar about a kilometer into the ocean so I decided to swim to it. Only to find out, once I got there, that it was an optical illusion -- I was stuck a kilometer from the shore and exhausted. Luckily a yacht was close by so I hang onto it for a while to gain my strength back. After about 10 or 15 minutes I swam back to shore, but was fully exhausted when my toes could touch the sand. This was definitely one of the more stupid things I have done in my life.

I make for a very peculiar tourist on a tropical island. During the day I venture out in long sleeved shirts and walk around with a giant umbrella to protect me from the tropical sun. The other tourists are hardly dressed at all. They are salmon pink or terracota brown, just short of smelling thoroughly cooked. I'd rather walk around with my umbrella monstrousity and save my celtic skin from the damage.

Today I went to get measured for a suit. Tailor-made suits here are wonderfully affordable. Can't wait to see the final product.

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Franco said...

Haha bly jy het die see ordeal oorleef sou nogals 'n sad sad einde gewees het as dinge skeef geloop het.