Monday, 29 August 2011

Faux Pas!

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I just now made a terrible blunder. In my Presentation & Public Speaking class I had everybody tell us a little bit about themselves (a short introduction) and what they did during the summer vacation. Of course, I went first and I told them about my trip to Laos, China and Thailand. I told them how I was surprised how much I liked Laos, even though it is a communist country since I don't like Communism. Then I told them about how I disliked China because the Cultural Revolution had successfully purged the country of its culture, leaving only a superficial kitsch culture, and how despicable I found the toilets. After my turn, the students started telling us about their experiences. As it turns out, one of the students in class is actually Chinese! I had basically told her how much I disliked her country, its politics, and her kitsch culture. I feel terrible. After class I asked her if I offended her and that I'm sorry if I did. (It was a stupid rhetorical question. Of course I must have offended her. And I'm sure my halfhearted apology quickly after class cannot make up for my prejudiced insults.) When I asked her if I offended her she asked about what. I replied, about what I said, how I disliked Chinese toilets. I did not ad that I disapprove of her government and pity her superficial culture. She said it's okay and rushed off.

I still feel awful and deservedly so.

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