Wednesday, 27 July 2011


From Korea I flew to Thailand, stayed there for a day, then went to Laos for about a week, then to Southern China for another week, and find myself back in Laos momentarily. Flying back to Thailand tomorrow -- then the real holiday starts. My visit to Laos and China was part of a project of which I will elaborate in a later post -- took plenty pictures that I will share once I'm back in Korea.

Tomorrow I'll meet up with a friend in Thailand, a fellow Taekwon-Do practitioner and local movie star. First we'll go do some Taekwon-Do training at his dojang (it's been weeks since I last done any proper exercise so I'm looking forward to it). Then afterwards, we're going to watch the latest and last Harry Potter film. I'm very much looking forward to that.

What can I say about mainland China? The Cultural Revolution succeeded in purging the country of its culture. What remains is a Lennonist / Stalinist framework with "Chinese characteristics." I enjoyed Hong Kong much better when I went there two years ago. Of course it is not purely traditional "Chinese", due to the British and other cultural influences, but I nonetheless found it to be more authentically Chinese than mainland China. Then again, what do I know -- I only went to China for a week and therefore have a very limited perspective.
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