Thursday, 9 June 2011

Classes for Next Semester

I've received the list of classes I will be teaching next semester:

  • Presentation & Public Speaking
  • Listening & Conversation (Intermediate)
  • English Composition (Essay Writing)
  • Practical English Writing
  • 19th & 20th Century American Poetry
Of these classes, I have not taught Practical English Writing before. I'm planning to structure the syllabus around different types of writing, such as different types of letters (invitations, business letters, promotional letters, etc.); informal writing such as emails and blog entries; contextual writing, like film reviews, restaurant reviews, travel journals; and also attempt some creative writing, possibly focussing on simple poetry or very short short-stories.

19th & 20th Century American Poetry got cancelled last year. I will try and sell the class better this year and will not freak out the students with talks of many essays, thinking for themselves, heated group discussions, and all the other things I told them last year. Instead, I will surprise them with these after the date for dropping classes has passed.

I also enjoy the Presentation class a lot. I've taught it enough times for it not to require tremendous preparation and since the students have to give presentations frequently, it doesn't involve to much (paper) grading, which is a blessing considering that I'll have two writing classes.

I look forward to next semester. Now, I just need to get through the final exams next week and the heaps of grading that awaits me in the weeks to come.

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