Saturday, 18 June 2011

Busy, but in a good way

Three weekends ago I went to Mokpo with some colleagues. Last weekend I met up with my writers' crit group and also did paragliding. This weekend I'm going to Jeju Island with the university faculty on the university's expense for three days. In between all of these highlights I've been grading papers. This past week was final exams for the semester. Final grades need to be in next Sunday. In the coming week I'll be partaking in a Taekwon-Do demonstration and also visit my old Hapkido school.

Two weeks back I had a hair cut. A serious hair cut. I mean like a REAL hair cut. It short. Stubble short. I'll upload a photo soon.

Last night I stayed up so that I could Skype with my brother, a close friend, and my grandparents. Went to bed at 2:30.

I'm pretty busy. But in a good way. Still, I'm looking forward to my vacation to start. In the meantime, a little song by Lenka.

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