Friday, 3 June 2011

1001 Posts!

I just reallised that my previous post in which I embedded a music video of Peggy Sue was the 1000th post since I started this blog in September 2008.

Here are some statistics about this blog some of you might find interesting. I don't have an exact figure for the total page views received, but since Google started tracking page views in June 2009, the blog has had over 90, 000 views. The highest month was March 2011, with just over 11, 000 views for that month alone. A possible reason for this is the earthquake and consequent tsunami that hit Japan. May 2011 received just over 10, 000 page views. I can't really say what the reason for that is -- maybe my comments on Osama Bin Laden's Death or my quasi-exposition of Lady Gaga's "Judas." (We know it is a strange world we live in when the alleged death of a terrorist and the controversial song op 'n pop star can both vie for most newsworthy / interesting information.)

The original Kakashi Hatake post in which I announced his death is still the most popular, with currently nearly 23, 000 views alone. It seems to be one of Google's preferred pages for searches on images of Kakashi. The post on physical differences between Koreans and Caucasians (approximately 4, 800 views) has surpassed other frequently visited pages like the Andy Lau and Giraffe Sex posts. Another often visited page is the gallery of body painting pictures. Admittedly, the most popular posts say very little about me -- it merely illustrates my random ponderings.

The blog is extremely varied in topics, but there are clearly some themes I revisit frequently. According to my list of tags, the three most frequent topics I blog about are Korea, Music and South Africa, in that order.

As for visitors, most visitors are from America. The second most frequent visitor region is South Africa. I think that the American visitors are more accidental (Google just happens to refer them), while the South African visitors are more likely to be family and friends in South Africa. That is nice to know, for ultimately that was one of the major reasons why I started the blog, to keep my family and friends abreast with my life in Korea. None the less, I'm appreciative of all visitors, especially the oft returning visitors. About 10% of all visitors are returning visitors. While most visitors that arrive here leave immediately, about 3-4% stay for about 180 to 600 seconds. That is more than enough time to read one or two posts. I'm assuming these 3-4% are my loyal readers -- friends I know, and some "friends" I'm not familiar with, but whom find something of value to return and stay here for a while.

Thank you for visiting and sharing over a 1000 posts so far.


Retha said...

Wow - congratulations!

Franco said...

Sanko fan number ONE ! :D :D

Skryfblok said...

Dankie! Dankie!