Monday, 16 May 2011

Tearchers' Day

Yesterday, 15 May, was Teachers' Day in Korea. On Teachers' Day, students give their teachers cards, carnations and gifts.Since Teachers' Day fell over the weekend this year, students celebrated it either on the Friday before or the Monday after the weekend.

This is what I got:

A carnation, of course, since it is traditional. I got a carnation both on Friday and today (Monday).

Some lemon scented shower gel and body butter from The Body Shop.


A shirt with bow-tie from STCO (Shirts & Tie Coordination). Blue is not the best colour on me, but I'll make it work by combining it with browns. Apart from the colour, it is too big so I will try and exchange it if possible (and maybe even choose a more flattering colour). I like the bow-tie. It will make me look much more like a typical English literature professor.


Franco said...

Ek wil ook teacher wees in Korea :O

Skryfblok said...

Dit het sy voordele.