Saturday, 14 May 2011

Sora Lee 이소라 -- "No. 1"

(Or watch it at DaumTV.)

Sora Lee's recent performance of the song "No. 1" on the TV show I am a Singer 나는가수다 is absolutely riveting. Not only is the music itself such a wonderful evocative piece (listen to a solo piano rendition of it here to hear what I mean), but Sora Lee's ability to infuse it with emotion leaves me in awe. She completely adapted her normal singing voice to achieve this amazing heart-wrenching sound. You can enjoy a YouTube playlist of some of her music here; compare how she usually sounds, with how she performs "No. 1".

The show I am a Singer is currently airing in Korea and focusses on the actual singing ability of the participants, rather than on appearance, dancing ability and so on, as is often the case in the entertainment industry. Since the focus is on the participants singing almost exclusively, this naturally insures better music that is not diluted with other marketing effects. I am a Singer plays on MBC TV-channel. I do not own a television, but luckily the songs are also viewable online at DaumTV. It is nice to be able to hear some non-mainstream Korean music. (Although I think with the popularity of the show, these artists are becoming quite mainstream in their own right.)

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