Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Something for the girls . . . or is it the boys?

An interestingly strange Ukrainian boy band, Kazaky, using a homo-erotic theme as their selling point, has the web ablaze. The marketer (one of the things I studied) and trend watcher in me finds it curious. Is this Soviet Union group playing the same marketing strategy that the lesbian themed duo-act t.A.T.u did a couple of years back? Is it a satire of girl bands and their overly sexual dancing routines? (Read more about the marketing strategy of girl bands in Korea here.) Is this merely an extreme version of the sexual objectification of boy bands? Is it merely a choreographer's work of art, jived up for the masses, as the second video below with the statuesque stills would suggest? (Kazaky's act is more focussed on their provocative dancing and chiselled bodies, than on their rather blasé singing.) Are they committed to some form of social commentary? Are they really a band aimed at the LGBT community? Or is their perceived audience women?

On a side note, as a martial artist, I'm terribly jealous of that dudes flexibility.

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