Sunday, 29 May 2011

Some Random Things I Don't Know and Things I Do Know

I'm really out of it. There are so many things with which I'm not in the loop:

  • When did the last episode of Oprah air? I haven't watched a single episode of Oprah in the last two years.
  • Who is the new American Idol winner that praised God for his success and how does he sound like? He must be an extraordinarily great singer to win that competition while being so open about his Christian beliefs in a country where Christianity has unfortunately become equated with the Religious Right and uneducated red neck fanatics.
  • I've not seen a single episode of Glee; don't know the actors/actresses names or what they look like. What is Glee about in any case? I know it contains some singing and dancing. Is it something like High School Musical? Not that I know much about that either.
  • I didn't watch the Royal Wedding and the only pictures I saw of it was of those ugly Lady Gagaesque hats.
  • I don't know what the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is about.
  • I forgot that I actually saw Hangover (2009) and confused Hangover II to be a sequel to that old Stallone film, Cliffhanger (1993).
  • I don't know what's special about the iPhone 5. Is it supposed to be translucent or something? 
  • I haven't read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so I'm not sure if I should be excited about the trailer of the movie based on the novel.
  • I did not know of the volcanic eruption in Iceland just over a week ago, until today. (See a beautiful video of it here.)
  • I forgot about Africa Day until the day was practically over.
  • I know there have been some terrible tornadoes in the USA recently, but know very little about where they occurred or are occurring and the damage so far. 
  • I didn't know Brad and Angelina got back together again. I thought they had split up.
And so on. What do I know? I know governments are lying. I know that the FBI is targeting political activists as terrorists and that Obama continues Bush's legacy by extending the Patriot Act and other draconian laws. I know that Kung Fu Panda 2 is not as good as the first. I know it is officially summer in Korea. I know my apartment is a mess and that I'm not in the mood to clean it, hence this post.


    Franco said...

    Two thirds of the things you don't know about I don't care about so I'm more or less in the same leaque as you :)

    Retha said...

    Hangover vs Cliffhanger :D I didn't even know Brad and Angelina had split up... Did see some of the royal wedding though - it was beautiful :)

    Christine said...

    Scott McCreery won American Idol. He is a country singer. Yes, it will only perpetuate the stereotype since he's into country music and is from the South. I do agree, believing in Christianity shouldn't have to equate being Republican, living in a trailor park, or marrying a cousin. haha
    I was surprised that the contest came down to two country singers. Before AI was mostly all pop/R&B/rock. I do think Scott is talented and I was hoping he would win.

    In the USA there were outbreaks of tornadoes in April and May that killed hundreds of people. So far over 500 people have died in the USA from tornadoes this year. It will be a record-breaking year. Not even June 1 and almost 1000 confirmed tornadoes in the USA.
    I am glad my area isn't tornado-prone, but it can still happen.
    My grandfather heldped clean up after The Worcester Tornado of 1953 killed 94 people.

    I found out that most of the hats the women wore to the Royal Wedding came from one designer. Philip Treacy designed even those monstrosities that Beatrice and Eugenie wore. One looked like a door-knocker and the other like a weird table centerpiece. He should just be called "The Mad Hatter".

    I watched "The King's Speech" today. Brilliant film. I don't know what I care to see this year for summer films. They all look dumb.

    Skryfblok said...


    Brothers in arms.


    Yeah, it was big news some time (year or two?) ago and there were even rumours of Brad and his ex (what's her name, the girl from Friends, Jennifer, I think) getting back together again.


    Thanks for clearing things up. When I have time I might go look him up on YouTube.

    Tornadoes are what I would describe as numinous phenomena: both awful and awesome!

    I truly enjoyed The King's Speech too. And as for upcoming movies, I cannot think of anything I'd like to see either.

    O, wait. The Tempest will start circulating soon; around August in Korea, I suspect.

    Christine said...

    Argh! Yesterday my area got tornadoes! They didn't hit my town, but they weren't too far away. This morning four people are dead. There is extensive damage done to the downtown area of Springfield, Massachusetts and surrounding communities. A huge tornado touched down in the Connecticut River, sucked up a lot of the water, then continued to wind its way through the main section of town. The mayor and other city personnel spotted it and ran to the basement of City Hall. Windows were blown out. The town green has pieces of houses in it and no houses are very close. Some homes were reduced to match-sticks.
    I do have friends in that area, yet so far they all seem to be doing fine.

    Skryfblok said...

    Wow, that sounds terrible! But I can't help being intrigued by the power of nature.

    Glad you are and your loved-ones are save, though.